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Collect your customers details easily and securely.

Comply with government guidelines and help keep your customers safe by using Sign Me In Here to collect their details touch free.

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The simplest, most secure way to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Create a simple form that your customers can fill in from their own phone, rather than relying on pieces of paper.

Create a beautiful form for your venue

Simply and quickly create a sign up form so you can follow government advice on taking down customer details without any hassle for you or your staff.

  • Customers use their own phones

    Let your customers use their own phones, reducing what they touch and further limit unnecessary interactions with your staff.

  • Custom form content

    Add you logo, a cover image and change the description to make the form resonate with your venue and help customers quickly identify they have the right place.

  • Highlight special offers / deals for your venue (soon)

    Got a new deal you want to inform customers about? Show your customers after they have signed in and spread the word.

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Manage your customer through our online portal

Keep your customers data secure and protected - not left lying around for anyone to find or use.

  • Export to CSV

    In case of an outbreak, export the user data to CSV so that you can quickly send it to the NHS Track and Trace program.

  • Go beyond

    By adding a few more fields you can help your venue isolate where the outbreak might be located in your venue and find the most likely to also be infected.

  • Notify all relevant customers automatically (soon)

    Send text messages and emails to all customers that were at your venue at the relevant times with one click alerting them to stay isolated and get tested.

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A super simple setup process

Be able to take customer submissions within 3 minutes with a quick and easy account setup process.

1. Register your account

Register with your company details and pick your Sign Me In account tier.

2. Create form

Quickly add in information about your venue, adding in branding and address so customers know it is you and you're done!

3. Take Submissions

Get your unique url and share it with customers. Or print off our custom posters that we've made for you so you can add them to tables or stick them on walls.

Custom posters with your venue details

Use the posters we create for you to put on tables, stick to walls or display how you like so users can quickly find your form.

  • Multiple sizes

    In both our Pro and Platinum tiers we provide you with A4 posters (portrait and landscape) and a smaller A5 version that you can easily print off and display.

  • QR Codes

    To make it super easy for users we've included QR codes on the posters allowing a quick scan with their phone to be taken to your form.

  • More styles coming (soon)

    Based on future demand we will add new poster and card types to support different use cases.

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An easy and secure solution for your customers

With features like auto complete and scheduled data removal you can protect your business and your customers whilst maintaining their trust with the least amount of hassle.

  • Auto complete

    Once a user has used the Sign In Here service, we securely remember their details (they never leave their phone) to make future sign ins super easy, whether it is at your venue or a fellow business.

  • Scheduled data removal

    The government only requires the data be held for 21 days and with recent issues cropping up about the abuse that data, we've taken the pre-emptive action to delete the users data automatically after the allotted 21 days.

  • Keep your customers trust

    By working with us you are showing you trust your customers to take action and sign in, and that you will not abuse that data you are collecting.

Sign Me In Here Card Example